Our Story

Our story started over a decade ago when BBQ was simply a way to give back to the community. We never imagined it being more than something we did to help our friends, family, and local organizations fundraise through Steele's State Farm office donating their time and BBQ. As the years passed it became clear this had the potential to become something new. Winning "BEST BBQ" repeatedly as an insurance office the pressure was on and in April of 2018 Steele Barrel Barbecue Company LLC was born.

Steele is joined by his stunning wife Ksea who helps keep this ship sailing smoothly in spite of Steele's "squirrel moments." Focusing primarily on catering, word of mouth grew until it was apparent more changes were coming. What was intended to be a side project needed staff and a plan. Purchasing a second larger smoker, a food truck, and now a brick and mortar, they have big plans to bring something really amazing to their community.

Stay tuned and join us in the journey, stop in and visit our food truck, call us for your next function, and partner with us to help support your community efforts. We look forward to working with you and showing you a truly remarkable BBQ experience. With love and gratitude, Steele, Ksea, and Crew